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Owner & founder of МОДА Rasmus Magnusson founded the brand in 2020 as an idea to express his art in the form of clothes. 

In late 2019 an idea about starting to make my own clothing came to me. I didn’t know what I was doing at the time, I just wanted to design really cool clothing pieces for myself to wear and especially show off to my friends and so on. A year later, 2020. My idea of МОДА and MADEBYMODA came to my mind. During that first year I made many samples and clothing pieces. Most of them had no meaning and no strings attached to each other. 

In 2020 I made a decision to kick off my brand and take it very seriously. The name МОДА came from me searching around on google for a good brand name. I started thinking about fashion, so I decided to name it “MODE” in Swedish. I thought that was a bit weak, I wanted to have something more international. I took “MODE” to Russia and it came out as МОДА. Since then i’ve ran with the name МОДА. 

The idea behind МОДА is to provide people with all types of fashion combined together. МОДА combines luxury with streetwear. There are no specific bridges between different styles and fashion. That’s a big part of the brand and the business idea. I’ve always liked fashion and the whole thing behind the business idea of clothing businesses. I like the fashion way of showing off the clothes but I also like the whole spirit around streetwear and its culture & community. That’s why I want to combine all types of fashion, because in the end everything is fashion from different perspectives. Everyone has their story to show through fashion, we all are the same. We all are humans and we all have some connection to fashion.

We focus mostly on design & quality, МОДА is a high-fashion brand which is well-designed. We always lay down our souls in fashion. Our prices depend a lot on where & how the product is made. Some of our products are handmade (МОДА WORKSHOP), some of them are made by hand in our factories & some are printed in our home studio. 

МОДА for me is art. I only make clothes I want to wear & clothes I can stand for. This is what truly makes me happy. This is what drives me & motivates me to continue. To see all of you wear my clothes and show them off makes my day. This is what I work for & what I stand for. 

Thank you for supporting the brand! Shopping, communicating or sharing the brand. We appreciate it all. ENJOY! 

WWW.MADEBYMODA.COM or @madeby_moda

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Meet the founder & CEO

From a small city, with big dreams

As a person I'm very creative and driven all the time. I'm always looking for new ways to change things for the better. I love being creative in any way possible. I design clothes, edit photos and videos, styling, produce music, writing songs and much more. I strive to give the best in every moment. I am always trying to make everyone feel special. 

To start this off we need to go back a few years in time. When I was 14 years old I was very impressed with the new sneaker culture rising around the world. This was around 2018, high priced fashion brands dominated in Sweden. I started buying a few pieces of clothing from brands like Stone Island and Prada.

I started experimenting with my style and clothing. When I came to school everyday with a new clothing piece and my friends started giving compliments saying I had fresh and cool sneakers and clothing I knew this was something I was good at. At the same time I started looking at big rappers and artists for style inspiration for new brands to buy. 

The same year I started my first business called robi_resell. I started selling clothes and shoes that were limited to quantity. At the time I sold everything on my instagram page. The sales were good, the customers were mostly pleased, but the reason I started to like it was because of the creativity and strive to always level up the business. That has always been my vision. 

I had some ups and downs with my reselling business. After 2 years I decided to scrap my business. The reason was because I had no more joy in high-fashion clothing and reselling other brands. I wanted to be more creative with my work and vision. 

2019 the idea of starting my own clothing brand came to my mind. At the time I had no experience with the clothing industry. My only reason to start it up was so I could design my own clothes and show them off. I wanted to give my own take on both high-fashion and streetwear. My idea has always been to combine different cultures into one. I think we should not divide everything into categories. We are all one together, we are all humans. We all wear clothes to express ourselves and our story. An always moving journey to be the best version of ourselves. Therefore my vision with MODA is to always have one section of pieces that fits everyone. Unisex is the new fashion. The two are colliding more and more with each other. As it should in my opinion. 

To round this off, I would like to say that I personally see everyone buying, sharing, helping etc. THANK YOU! 

- Yung F3lla, Founder/CEO & Head of design at MODA.

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